Meeting 11/12

  • French Horn Rebellion is a possible band for next semester’s spring series
  • Great job with the Show this past weekend
  • Need a rebranding with our advertising scheme
  • Need people to like our facebook page and twitter to get our club more known
  • Try advertising with UPAC Cinema maybe do trailers like with MS MR show
  • Try maybe doing few posters but make them bigger and brighter to catch people’s attention
  • Have a banner on the walkway and try to make it modular
  • Try to advertise more in troy and attempt to make more contacts with downtown
  • Elections will be next week and we want people to declare what positions they will be running for
  • Belvia wrote down the names and positions
  • Facebook will be used for communications for the main messaging system in the club
  • Elections
  • Qualifications
  • Project management skills
  • Other things that help with the presidency
  • Time commitments
  • Why you want to do this
  • Tabling will happen next week and we need people to sign up for it
  • 2/13, 3/26, 4/30 are next semester’s spring shows
  • Next look at the concert list that will be sent out by Paolo and bring back names of bands that you feel like will be a good fit for RPI

Meeting 10/29

  • We have claimed rooms for next semester and still waiting for Jean to Approve them. Meeting will be in patroon room next semester
  • March 21st and April 22nd are the shows next spring
  • Ad Campaign assigned everyone postering duties
  • Jesse is setting up the Concierto
  • Getting the Poly to advertise for us
  • Social Media- post at least once a day
  • The Nov. 7th concert will have a student band performing (Not Pumper)
  • Posting in RPI Class pages
  • Start using the snapchat
  • Maybe do advertising for UPAC Concerts as a club just to get us know (build the brand)
  • Might do a member of the week
  • Advertising using morning mail
  • Video was made for the November 7th concert will be tweeted and posted to Instagram
  • changing the facebook banner
  • All posters should be up by Sunday
  • P-board updates
  • Big event- holiday party themed
  • Invite multicultural groups to talk about their holidays during this time and have them sell food
  • We are supposed to talk the greek club and KSA
  • The event will be December 4th
  • UPAC will be running a hot coco bar and cookie making
  • UPAC Brunch was brought up during the meeting as well and will be catered
  • This will be for all of UPAC
  • November 21st is the New Politics concert and will cost $15
  • Transportation on your own
  • Last meeting will be Dec 4th and elections will be held that meeting or before that
  • Need to solidify the list for the big concert
  • Brunch might happen at 1pm ion Sunday

Meeting 10/22/15

  • Learned in P-Board that the senate sent an undercover member to see how competent we are and we “failed”
  • The senate is creating a committee to apparently handle the process of obtaining a big concert
  • Poster design may be finished but one of the members who made it is sick
  • Goal is to poster on Monday for the fall concert series
  • Once poster is done send it to Jesse to add to the Concierto system
  • need to make the facebook event and begin sharing the November 7th event
  • Selling the New Politics price will be $15 and start inviting people
  • Talked about the whole UPAC event party thing as discussed in the P-Board meeting
  • Also talked about the possible merging of UPAC Concerts and Comedy
  • During the November 7th show we will be selling new politics tickets
  • might give flyers out instead of tabling
  • sending email to concert interest list and the rest of the student body
  • New politics will be Saturday November 21st
  • After the next concert the clubs focus will switch to Big Concert
  • We want a complete list to Amy after thanksgiving break
  • Elections will happen after thanksgiving
  • P-Board meetings are at 7pm on Thursdays
  • Meetings with Amy at 1pm on Tuesdays

Meeting 10/8

  • Talked about poster design and passed out examples of the new poster
  • Provided some feedback on the poster
  • Concert this Saturday and it was heavily advertised by a 3rd party
  • Mother’s person limit is 110 people
  • We want between 20-40 people
  • 2 people at the door
  • Set up is at 5pm and bands will show up between 5:30-6:30pm
  • Sound check 6-6:30pm
  • We need temporary hospitality since Catherine and Olivia can’t be there
  • Talked about how the charge sheets work
  • Bands will need water and towels for the concert just charge it to the sheet
  • Try to get people to the front of the stage swag
  • Help band with clean up and can ask for pictures or signatures
  • Clean up mothers after show
  • Need people to help with the merchandise table
  • No one comes in till 7pm and if a line forms count 110 people
  • Old member wear concert shirts
  • Talked about getting shirts for new member and possibly developing a new design for it

meeting 9/24

• Talked about Purity ring and how it was a success in Paolo’s view
• Might be considering to got to see new politics at upstate concert hall
o However it would eat into our big concert fund
• We already lost $1000 for purity ring from the big concert fund
• 125th might give us 15-10 thousand dollars
• New politics happens towards the end of November
• Letting the members decide what we should do about possibly going to new politics
• We replaced party boat with the parlor?
• We need Dylan to reserve lights and sound for mother’s concert like MEOW
• Read out list of big concert bands given to us by possible new promoter
• Added more suggestions to band wanted list for big concert, swag
• Reviewed the survey from last semester about what people want for genres and top 2 bands
• Talked about the booking process and how we are solely responsible for promoting
• The big concert band list is open for recommendations from anyone
• Restructuring of the club?
• Talked about the possibility of shadowing of leadership position
• Possibly combining social media and graphics chair into one position
• Talked about the listening club

Meeting 9/17

• Started with intros again
• Talked about purity ring event and what we need to do during the event
• Moved on to talk about the Music list we sent out.
o Listened to several of the bands in an attempt to decide which ones we want for the fall series
o Goal for shows is trying to get more rpi students to go
o Jesse suggested a jazz and coffee night?
o Shows will be on October 10 and November 7th
o Karl Daniels, Mary, Lucky Jukebox Brigade, Carl Daniels
• Talked to a student artist, who does rap, about possibly opening for the openers during one of the shows
• Also listened to his music during the meeting
• We are fine with playing rap only issue with that genre was the possibly of inciting riots or drugs/alcohol
• Need to make posters for the concerts
• Take photos of the concerts and do social media
• Talked about positions that will be available next semester and the possibility of shadowing
• Also we want to do brunch this Sunday as well (will be at infinity café)
o Will meet at the union horse shoe
• Talked about doing song of the week so we can share our music